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The Brand

VEEZUS Company are about giving opportunity to any given idea. They have created a Culture around being able to express magnificent creations, whilst being able to wear them.

If you are experimenting with design/art/illustrations be sure to contact us, let us help you grow and bring your ideas to life!


As a creative director, Riley invests his soul and imagination into every product that he works on. He has several years of experience in the Print and Design field and plans on having many more. Riley is also the designer for the VEEZUS Collection.  Being his first major project he is excited and motivated.


The Groovy design was inspired by an adored and loved friend of the Veezus family. Tyler James Grove fought a long battle with cancer, his courage and pride throughout his journey was incredible. It hurts dearly to lose someone so inspirational to all and in his name we have created this line to help others in need of the same help, each garment sold we are donating $5.00 to the Chad Hancock Foundation chosen by Tylers family.